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To start off my blog, I’m doing a “Design With Me” series of videos where we are going to design a new collection together from start to finish. I will be sharing what I have learned having started my own fashion brand and designing and producing 3-4 collections a year.


I learned a lot on my way here, and although I learned fashion design the traditional way, it was only when I was on my own, starting my brand, trying things out for the first time, that I really learned the true process of designing and running a fashion business.


I want to share the lessons I learned so far and give you real tips on how to start your own fashion brand and design a collection. A lot has changed from the days of going to the library to find inspiration to now everything being online, and I want to give you real advice on how to survive in the ever-changing, ever-growing business of fashion today.


So stay tuned for weekly videos covering topics from finding inspiration, mood boarding, sketching, collection planning, marketing, fashion shows, what to do, what to avoid, what is worth it and what isn’t. I’ll talk about it all and share my personal experiences.


So whats the very first step to starting a fashion collection?

Check out my Youtube Channel "The Designeress" or click the videos below!

Watch my videos!

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